Ok , I'm new here and looking for help already. I am working through Sams teach yourself VB.net and I've lost a form! Well not quite but i am trying to get to my form in design view and I just cant seem to get to it. It opens when double clicked in the solution explorer in code view. I'm sure its me being daft, but after an hour and a half looking for it, I'm wondering if i should just give up and start again!

Hope someone can help me

Kevin S Jones

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You should be able to just right click in the main window where the code is and go to designer view, or go to the Solution Explorer and right click on the name of the form and go to Designer View.

Thanks. I have tried both of these. I have noticed though that the files in solution explorer have different icons. One is a form icon, the other looks like its a vb icon? When i build it it works fine, but its getting to the options form in design view. This is the one that has the vb icon? Have i changed the file type somehow? Sorry but this is a real pain. I am guessing it was me that did something , but i really dont have a clue!

I solved this, the long way round, deleted the form and started again. It seems for some reason that the icon changed from form to class? I have no idea how or why this happened. I am very likely to do this again if i don't know so if you do know how i did it, i would appreciate you letting me know so i can avoid it in the future!



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