Hi all. I've done some bit of programming in the past, mostly in python and some C aswell. (I can still remember that "C for dummies book" hehe). I'm trying to get started with some anticheat software, of course I'll start with some easy methods first before trying anything more advanced.

My first step would be to have a .dll that retrieves the names of the clients running processes. These are all that can be found in the task manager. Then the list is copied over to the server, where the server is running it's own peace of code which checks this list, and if it finds a predefined matching name it creates a log file. (e.g. if the server has a predefined list with names such as "aimbotforyou.exe" or "myradar.exe", and if it finds these names in the list from the client, it creates a log)

Now, I'm not asking you to make me a code to do all that, that would be both insane and unfriendly of me. I've done some googleing, and found this on msdn:

Using PSAPI to enumerate all processes

PSAPI looks like a good method to locate all the running processes so I gave it a try.
I'm running Codeblocks with the GNU GCC Compiler. I've tried to run the code copied from the msdn site but I'm getting the following errors:

Z:\Cpp Appz\Process checker\Process Checker\main.cpp: In function `void PrintProcessNameAndID(DWORD)':
Z:\Cpp Appz\Process checker\Process Checker\main.cpp:33: warning: unsigned int format, DWORD arg (arg 3)
Z:\Cpp Appz\Process checker\Process Checker\main.cpp: At global scope:
Z:\Cpp Appz\Process checker\Process Checker\main.cpp:39: error: `main' must return `int'
Z:\Cpp Appz\Process checker\Process Checker\main.cpp:39: error: return type for `main' changed to `int'
Z:\Cpp Appz\Process checker\Process Checker\main.cpp: In function `int main(...)':
Z:\Cpp Appz\Process checker\Process Checker\main.cpp:46: error: return-statement with no value, in function returning 'int'

Am I using the wrong compiler, or do I need to do some editing to the code before I could test-run it?

A few starting tips would be very much appreciated. Cheers! :)

Replace this idiotic void main() to the standard int main() , add the last statement in the main: return 0; then try again...

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