Hi guys....

hope someone here could help me,
im creating a program connected with a database (i used MS access)
the i want to add a search function on it...
any of you guys could share some codes that i could use as reference would be greatly appreciated...
you can reply on this thread or send it to me by email at acer_dafpz@yahoo.com....
you could be a great help....

thank you very much.....

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i used dbGrid....

database name: hetcovms
table name: vehicle1
datacontrol name: vehicle

but there are lots of data field that i want to use in my search control....

i have text box named : txtSearch
in which the user can input a specific data

the next to it is a combobox named: cmbSearchType
in which the user will choice what type of data he would like to search

datafields concern:

then i have a button named: cmdSearch
that he can click after inputing the data and if his ready to go for the search...

hope you got my point.....


I post an example code (with your specification), just copied your database on project path cause i detected database on project folder (App.Path & "\hetcovms.mdb" [see on konektor module]). And i used datagrid not dbgrid, cause its very long not to use dbgrid (sorry for this).

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