while buildin a j2me aplication using java wireless toolkit dere was a warning..

warning: as of release 1.4, 'assert' is a keyword, and may not be used as an identifier
(use -source 1.4 or higher to use 'assert' as a keyword)
assert false;

can nebody help in solvin d above error..

(use -source 1.4 or higher to use 'assert' as a keyword)

Well you given only a skeleton description of the problem, why don't you try and see by doing what the toolkit is telling you that is build with -source 1.4 option and any way its been marked as a warning so I don't think it should do too much harm (Although it is still best to remove warnings also)

Also another thing do not use SMS speech here, you have a full keyboard in front of you, so type the complete words, people who visit this forum are not necessarily as proficient in English to figure out what you are saying.