My company, Neuron Computing, started a beta program for our suite of developer tools. We are looking for developers to participate in our pre-release program, tell us what they think, report bugs, features they think are missing and/or would be nice to have etc.

Some of the key features of the Neuron Visual C++ IDE are:
- integration with free Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003
- integration with Intel 8.0 C++ Compiler
- you can rebuild your DSW and DSP Visual Studio 6 projects using the new 7.0 compiler
- code analyzer for viewing inheritance trees, code statistics etc.
- PE Disassembler - disassemble DLL, OCX and EXE files and view their code and resources
- Hex File Viewer for many common file formats

The UI is still rough around the edges, but you can get the general direction we are taking. We are still working on a debugger solution. The objective is fully functional, lean and mean cross-platform IDE.

The link to the product description and download is:

I checked with the Administrator before opening this thread, and Dani gave me the permision to post here.

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