i'v got a very annoying problem. each time i put my Sims cd in my disk drive this message always comes up:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library

Runtime error!

program c:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Sims.exe

Abnormal program termination

someone please help, iv tried evrything, i havent got a clue what visual C++ is and dont know what to do :sad:

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This really isn't a C++ Programming question, moving to the Windows XP forum.

...What version of Windows are you running, anyways? Have you tried doing a Google search using those error messages and "The Sims" in quotes?


Are you using any expansion packs with it? Plain Sims is incompatible with XP.

I remember seeing something about this. Have you tried to download any updates for it?

IIRC, they fixed this issue with the Sims Double Deluxe Pack they released some time ago. With that, you could play the Sims sans any expansion packs.

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