I have a VB6 program that does some image processing. It works fine when used thru both the GUI or non-GUI command line. My problem is that if I am in a command window and run the executable with arguments, it returns to the command window prompt after just a few seconds. Even tho, it might take several minutes to complete the image processing. It does eventually process all the images correctly, so the problem is to just know *when* it is done. I expected to be returned to the command line only after the processing was done. This becomes important when using this in scripting.

Why is this doing this? Is it because I am calling functions that are in forms that normally display on the screen? I see a couple of solutions I could impose on this, but am thinking there must be a 'right' way to do it. Any help out there? Thanks!

I continued searching on the web and found some good info at --


My problem was that VB6 executables are always started in GUI mode by default. The web site provided a solution to make the executable start in CONSOLE mode. Works great now, but I will probably end up having to provide two 'identical' executables to handle the two modes.