12 months name (12 check box) in a form. when I check a box it will store in backend access file. 1 adodc control also in this form. when click a button this form was shown. this month was store for that button like salary. example: a man paid his salary for january, february, march. I click the month button and the form show, I check three month for salary. it is store in access by adodc control. this is easy. but I want this month form will use for many control. here it use for only salary but I want it will use for, like house rent, gas bill, or other. I mean here the month form connect by adodc for only salary. If I click the house rent button It store month name for salary. because It connect for salary. how I slove it. help me please.

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Dont Update Database from the Form where the Check boxes available. Instead get the result(Which Check boxes are selected) from the Form, then Update database from the Calling Form.


>>you need to frame the query dynamically at truntime and execute the same as per user selection.

Please details.


Identify first what transaction to be done then after you have identified the transaction then replace the table where you connect with on that adodc control.

Another way to have a multiple transaction on one form is to use a tab control, in that way you can easily separate each transaction.

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