Hello, my first time on these forums, but im sure it will not be the last. I am doing my dissertation for computer science and my project is based on the classic time tabling problem using constraint satisfaction.
My question is does anyone have any information or links on where to start looking on how to put the constraint satisfaction theory into practice?

Thanks in advance

I guess you can model it using linear programming method.

hi thanks for your reply, but my project will be heavily influenced by A.I. so im looking for something along the lines of using GP and EA's to solve the problem.

Indeed the problem at hand it rather complex and evolutionary programming has given results much better than previously employed mathematical models. There input set space has too many dimensions making the mathematical solution too complex. The nice thing about the Evolutionary Algorithm is that the bet fit test helps prune out bad results and in a way acts as a constraint to the system.

I'm from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. One of the Doctors in our School, Dr Nelisha Pillay, has done allot of research in this field. She suggested the following link to me: http://www.asap.cs.nott.ac.uk/watt/resources/university.html

Her home page is: http://www.titan.cs.unp.ac.za/~nelishiap/

Hope this helps you on your way... and all of the best in your research!

To PoovenM, Thank you so much for your information. This will indeed help me on my research and it is much appreciated for the links you have posted. Best wishes on your course and research