hello everyone,

i want to capture web cam photos in c# application.Can any one plzzz
give me the code to implement it.


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As this isnt your first post Im sure you've read no one will just post you code.

What have you read and what exactly are you having problems with? What code do you have, and what errors is it giving?



i dont hav any knowledge about it so
if u hav any code regarding this topic plzzz give me


If you are capturing images then you will probably want to store them in a database as a BLOB (Binary Large Object) or on your computer with a path to the images stored in the database.

You are just going to have to read up on the subject area and find out what options are available to you ...

... its a lot of donkey work for a "new area of coding" but the only way you are going to learn is by trying it yourself first ... them when you are really stuck and cant find the answer but have a strong basis to work from ... then you might be able to get some helpful guidance from the forum ... you wont get the code handed to you in a great big project zipped folder for you to claim as your own!

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