Hi friends,

I m creating a software with backend of ORACLE 9i.
I need to Generate backup ORACLE "ADDFILDP" table to ACCESS "ADDFILDP" table(Simply Copy the data to one table to another[ORACLE to ACCESS Table]):$
An access File is already Created.

I was code for it as Follows

Private Sub Command1_Click()
If ors.State = 1 Then ors.Close
ors.Open "SELECT * FROM ADDFILDP", ocon, adOpenDynamic, adLockPessimistic
While ors.EOF
 ars.Fields(0).Value = ors.Fields(0).Value
 ars.UpdateBatch adAffectGroup
' acon.Execute "INSERT INTO addfildp values('" & ors.Fields(0).Value & "'"
MsgBox "Record Successfully Backupd...", vbInformation
End Sub

But it doesn't work. :'( There is no error generated by this code also.
Can you send me the code to copy ORACLE 9i TABLE DATA to ACCESS Database Table?

Try using this

con.begintrans  'con--adodb connection obejct
con.execute "insert statment of data selected from oracle database"

Thanks for Reply,
Which connection (Access or Oracle) used in insert Statement
i want to copy all data into my access database from oracle 9i database:-O