please help me.

i have one date in a txtBox1.what i want is, after i click the button, the other date will appear on txtBox2. The other date is the date after several days such as 7 days.
so, how or what the coding to enable the other date will appear.

Take the value of the date in Text1 and then add any number you want (Say7), format the result with any date format you like to display like- "dd-mmm-yyyy" and the display the result in Textbox2.

You can get value of Year, Month and Day form the formal date format like 2-Aug-2008.

If you dont know how to get date Value, ask in the forum again
I hope you can do this

please show me the coding with 'toggle plain text' to make more clear.

can you post what you have tried so far .

Use the DateAdd function