I keep getting these errors. Anyone know how to fix them? My program was working before. Both directories seem to be the same tho so i have no clue what it means.

"AppointmentMatthews.java": Package C:\javastuff\Appointment\AppointmentMatthews.java stated in source Massage does not match directory C:\javastuff\Appointment\AppointmentMatthews.java. at line 11, column 9
"MassageMatthews.java": Package C:\javastuff\Appointment\MassageMatthews.java stated in source Massage does not match directory C:\javastuff\Appointment\MassageMatthews.java. at line 1, column 9

"ApptDriverMatthews.java": Package C:\javastuff\Appointment\ApptDriverMatthews.java stated in source Massage does not match directory C:\javastuff\Appointment\ApptDriverMatthews.java. at line 6, column 9

"ClientMatthews.java": Package C:\javastuff\Appointment\ClientMatthews.java stated in source Massage does not match directory C:\javastuff\Appointment\ClientMatthews.java. at line 11, column 9

"AppointmentMatthews.java": Duplicate definition of class Massage.AppointmentMatthews, defined in C:\javastuff\AppointmentMatthews.java and also defined in C:\javastuff\Appointment\AppointmentMatthews.java.

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Rebuild your entire project. It looks like you changed the sources it depends on but it still has old versions of those classes cached. A full rebuild should fix that.


think you must resetup it because this problem happen as i think because of missing some statment in the program maybe when u was use it you change some option by mistake .... i think that

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I think you added the files to the JBuilder project ... you must create a new file of the class name and then copy and paste those contents respectively in each file.


no, that's not needed when adding files. But you are responsible for making sure your project is up to date when they change externally...

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