Alright i understand mybase.MouseMove event handles everytime the mouse is moved, but what i am having a problem with is using this code in a MDIContainer Form. When used here the mouse event is never trigged.

So i am curious if there is away for this mouse event to be trigged or how i can go about getting the same results.

The idea is i have an application that i want to be automatically logged out if there is no keyboard or mouse acitivity on the computer. Any ideas???? Thanks!

can you post your code ?

can you post your code ?

sub frm_Main_MouseMove (ByVal sender as OBject, ByVal e as System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) Handles Mybase.MouseMove
end sub

I believe the problem is its in a mdiContainer therefor it never sees the mouse movement... Im curious if there is a global mousemove function so i can see if the mouse is moving on the computer in general, not just on the program.