I've written a Java application using Netbeans, and I was wondering if there is any way in which I can run this application using an executable file in windows rather then having to run it through Netbeans itself. Is this possible?

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>can yo give me some example of virus because i like to learn more about.
1) This request has nothing to do with the topic of the thread.
2) The chances of someone giving you the code for a virus are slim and none.

Let me put it this way. I know how to write a virus. I've written viruses before (I wasn't always a white hat). But I won't give you the code for one or even tell you how it's done. Why? Because I believe you'll use it for malicious purposes, and that's against the rules of this forum. Now it's possible that you're doing it simply to further your knowledge and your intentions are completely benign, but nobody will assume that. They'll assume you're a script kiddie trying to play the game at a higher level by learning how to actually write a virus rather than use those written by other people.

On a moderation node, your post doesn't actually break any rules, so I won't delete it. But be aware that asking about viruses is entering into a gray area where it's very easy to interpret your posts as something that does deserve deletion (this post was reported by a forum member), so choose your words carefully.


Get yourself a CEH, Narue. It's worth the effort (Security Testing Certification -
Certified Ethical Hacker, not kidding).

See Jack Koziol's 'Shellcoder's Handbook'

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