Hello, I've been working with threading these days. I want to put a progress bar which is in a separate form but in the same namespace. My form1 class has all the controls for my drag and drop functionality while in my form2 class will be my progress form in which it will pop up when I will drag and drop multiple files which will make the user wait for it as it progress or press the cancel button to cancel the transferring. My problem is I'm having a hard time accessing the variables to be the basis of my progress bar in class form1. I would really appreciate if you will give me insights and tutorials to guide me with my problem. Thank you

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well as long as you made an instance of your form it would go something like


How can I access Outlook variables? Because I'm basing my progress form to the values taken from Outlook, like Outlook.Selection.


That last post has little to do with the first - its really a new question and should have a new thread.

What have you googled about outlook - or searched even in this forum


I'm sorry for the confusion. I consider the Outlook variables as part of my form1 member so I think it is considered as part. I googled but found some and it is a little confusing.


the problem is, for someone browsing through the forum, reads your last post and wonders how that has something to do with referencing another form - while for you its related in by project, for the rest of us, its not related at all. Its just another problem

As for doing it - if you found some stuff, thats good, have you tried it, what errors did you get?

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