dear all the programmer
i m facing a difficulty in creating the concept
of data access layer (DAL)concept in java ...as it is implemented in .net...if any one can help abt this plz send mail at [email]email removed by moderator[/email]

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Asking private help in public forums is considered extremely rude and should never be done (or in case it is done, honoured).

There are several ways in which you can implement a data access layer. You could use EJB, JDO, or roll your own DAO and/or DTO system using for example JDBC.
Or you can create something completely customised to your requirements, maybe using RMI, SOAP, CORBA, or any other technology you want or can use.


Hi everyone,

I did a similar project like this for some company. Your best bet is to try and build your own data access layer from scratch. Use your own concept and build it using the standard SDK.

Please note that if you do this you are actually implementing your own industry standard

Richard West


no, you're not implementing your own industry standard for the very reason that a standard is something that's generally accepted and used which your solution won't be ;)

Unless you know very well what you're doing the best bet is to take an existing framework as the basis of your solution.
JDO, Hibernate, EJB even (though I'd advise against that in all but extreme cases) are often good solutions.

I know it's hugely gratifying to roll your own solution (and it's what I tend to do in many cases I admit) but it's not always the economically best solution (and unless you're very good probably not technically either).

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