Hi guys,
I have OPOSPOSPrinter.ocx that I'm supposed to use to connect to a fiscal printer and print. I have installed it's drivers.
According to the OCX's limited documentation, it says there should be an entry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\OLEforRetail\ServiceOPOS.
I've juggled all I can on this entry with no avail. Is there anyone with experience with this? Thanks.

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regsvr32 OPOSPOSPrinter.ocx

Hi Comatose,
I've already registered the OCX. I'm able to use it's functions like Open to open the printer. But this function takes a string to represent a device name, which is stored in the registry. I just don't know where to put that entry so as to make it read!!!

The problem is, I have no idea if that entry that you posted for the registry is a value or a key, or if it's a string or a dword or whatever....

hi... i not tested it before but i have an idea for that.. actually im studying same part like yours.

im trying also cash drawer and line display.. but i have to output yet.
according to my research.. once that you register it u can use it by adding in ur components.

their a declaration also but i have to sample code of it. im just rely to the pdf file i have.

my reply thread may help u and also me..and others developer.

here the pdf i have... and to those people have their idea can also share it with us.

i hope we can solved this..

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