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Make a project you need it, help you to do something rapidly, organize for you something, etc....
If you don't know how to do something like that, go to some freelancer websites and figure out what the type of projects clients need and try to do someone on your own.


If didn't write anything in VB.NET
1- Try to code the concepts of OOP (Inheritance\Polymorphism\etc)
2- Try to develop multi-user phonebook (It'd help you know databases and how to link your application to database)


hello i am ravi student of mca and i need a list of different vb.net project which are useful in future.
so plz sent me some of the project title which are useful....


I want to search for a topic to build a nmajor project in vb.net
Please help me out with new topics for that

Then search for it , what is the question ? if you cannot come up with a topic for your final year project assignment , how can you actually code it ?

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