Ok i need to do the following, but if you can help with any please post!

I need to: Disable a button after its clicked, enable a button after the button being disabled is clicked, make the button being disabled turn a text area from visible false to true.

Thanks if you can help!

What code do you have so far? Post your effort, and we may help.

juan dela cruz indeed.

ok so say the first button is button1, the next is button2 and the text box is just that.

to start with in the form load event you need to enter

button1.enabled = true
button2. visible = false
text box.visible = false

for button1's click event enter

button1.enabled = false
button2.visible = true

and in the button2's click event enter

text box.visible = true

Hope this helps you!!

How about not just giving him the code, but making him show effort for it parkes82. Did you read any of the posts leading up to yours? Furthermore, how about you use code tags.

do u not quite understand forums where you help each other out not test them, he asked for help so i gave it ok i made a mistake did you notice i only just joined a few days ago so give me a chance :)

The mistake, was that he showed no effort at all toward the assignment. He very well could be doing this as a homework assignment (and probably is, based on the nature of what the program seems to do). You basically did his homework for him, and what did he learn? He learned that he didn't have to write code, or learn the code, because someone on a forum will post it for him. You'll notice that in the announcements from Dani (developer of the site) that we only give homework to those who SHOW EFFORT. No code effort was shown here.

As far as code tags go, when you post code you can do so like this (but don't use any of the spaces... I did that to make it show up on the screen instead of being read by the system as code tags):

[ code=vb ]
your code goes here
[ /code ]

u cant see it was homework at all
it may well be but i use this code for more than school work
u may notice this isnt your site so either help out and DISCUSS not criticise other users please or dont bother

It may not be my site, but at least I follow by the rules that the owner has asked the people to follow by. How about you figure it out, and take the criticism as it was meant to be taken, and when you see other people (who could have clearly answered this question) choosing not to because it very likely is homework, do the same. Otherwise you don't bother.