I make two table in ms access. both of two table has like 'student name' column. when I enter a name it save in table1. Now I want this name will save in table2 automatically. I mean I don't enter this name in table2, but it will store this name automatically when the name enter in table1.

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Hi... I'm pretty new to all this, so forgive my ignorance, but wouldn't it be easier to have one field "name" in one table, then use that field in your queries, forms, reports, etc?
Is it necessary to have the same data in seperate tables, then copy / link the fields?

- Not questioning your design - like I said, I'm new to this myself.


first clear your side......
your question is difficult to understand.....
make it more brief.....


What i understand from your post is each transaction that is executed on table1 needs to be reflected in table2.

what you need to do is execute the same sql from frontend on table2 as table1.

if using using oracle taht can be simply done by puttin all the DML statement into a block of code in a procedure.



Normalise your database, No need to save same data at 2 places, as you may later face syncronization problem, and Redundant data problem.
What you need to do is Create a StudentMaster Table With ID, Name, Address.. etc.. and Save Stud_ID, in other Linked Tables,
To get the name, Link it with master table..



Search the web for effictive and simple examples of

"SQL cross join"


"Jet4.0 connection strings"
"MS ADO DNSLess connections"

to apply VB6/VB5 to work with MS Access effectively

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