Hi to all I have the following question, I was wandering if I can use the Web Browser Control(ActiveX) in a C# DLL.
I create a win form from the article:

And every thing is working OK, I want to write a DLL that includes a Web Browser object and do actions I can do in the Windows Form, for example navigate to URL...

I need to create a DLL that has the avality to navigate to URL and them download the page(like you do File->Save As...).

Actually I need all the actions the web browser control can do but without any GUI, Is this possilbe?
Or there is DLL/reference in C# that I can use to do this?
Thanks in advanced:(

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Thanks for the response, the System.Net.HttpWebRequest doesn't help for me, I need to download the entire web site(al the pictures, css, javascripts...), like you do when when you do: File->Save as... from the browser, If I use the Web Broser element has all the functions of the Browser, with System.Net.HttpWebRequest I can't do this.


then HttpWebRequest *IS* the answer, but you just have to do a little more work as by default the only thing you get is the file you requested, you'll have to work out what else you needed to download

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