I have a strange problem, my web browser (IE 8 priviously IE 7 & mozilla) are unable to access the internet showing an error message and after "diagnosing the connection problem" no problem is showing.
However I am able to connect to yahoo messenger and am able to access the Internet through BitComet Resource Browser which looks like a clone of IE. But in this also I am unable to open Orkut,facebook and yahoo mail
Is this coz of some strange kind of mallicious software which is blocking some typical request from bit comet and all http request from browsers
Please help me to solve this typical problem I m using Vista SP!

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Goto tools -> internet options -> connections -> lan settings make sure use a proxy server is unchecked

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Try chrome or opera if it works then uninstall IE8 and reinstall it!

Will you quite with the useless comments. Your suggestions do nothing to help my friends laptop with vista.

I got every firewall turned off, removed norton crude & ran their cleanup exe (dumb).

I can play the windows media player songs from the internet, but IE7 would not work, so I removed it and installed IE8, still no work. And yes I checked the LAN setting. I tried Opera, it did not work. Think the only option is to take it back to the store.

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What antivirus are u using is it Up to Date?

I just deleted Mcafee and used the mcfr mcafee cleaner. If you read the post, "norton" was removed. That stuff is worse than the virus. This is a new computer (recently) & the antivirus had expired.

OK, it was just as I suspected.......Norton "live update". It was blocking internet access. I had removed the program & it had left the computer unusable. I guess with that company, you have to dl a removal tool for every little product they have, as I removed the anti virsus, which didn't help. Now I removed the Live Update, which work. What a pain in the a$$. This is why I never never install their junk on my computer.

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