Hi - I have two MS Access forms -
1) WorkItems
2) MyItems

WorkItems is the main form, and MyItems simply runs a query against a list of NT ID's and statuses to provide the user with a list of his/her incomplete workitems.

What I'd like to do is have the user click a button on MyItems and load the record into WorkItems for them.

FYI, WorkItems displays records with a status set to "Available" (and excludes those which are "Completed" or "In Progerss")

Any idea how I can accomplish this? Not urgent, but I think it'd be a nice little feature to provide.


Select * from your_table where your_field = "Available"

Or am I missing something?

try the following

select * from table_name where status ='Avaibale' and status not in ('Completed','Progress')

Thanks... I didn't think of doing it through sql. I'm basically trying to set up a form which will display the summary of a more detailed "item"
When the user clicks a button next to that item, they would be taken to another form which displays all the details of that specific item (where they could make updates, etc.). I wasn't sure how to make the hop from form 1 to form 2.