i am having a table in my database by the name of tbclass.its having 2 fields namely int_id,class_name.
when i am dispalying data in my data grid view the default headers are displayed(i.e. column names of tbclass).i want to change it to CLass id and Class Description instead of int_id,class_name

drag the dataGridView from toolbox,Select the columns property of datagridview,Click on Add button-Give Header Text,If u want to second column ,Click add & so on...If u do not want to add column then click close & then Press Ok Buton.

Hope that helps

Thanx for the Reply.but i am still having probs in it.when i set the column property to set the header text of 2 columns.on execution it shows 4 columns--ID,Name(WHICH I MADE THROUGH COLUMN PROPERTY) and 2 previous ones--int_id,vc_class.rows in ID, name comes out to be blank.while int_id and vc_name comes out to be filled with database records . i think there will be some property to set the default column headings to false.but i can't find any......
hope u undestand what m trying to say

I didnt understand waht are you trying to ask..Plz calarify ur question..U want to change the column headers of dataGrudView at Runtime?????/

Hi I have used the edit and delete options in my datagrid .
Is it possible to display edit and delete button columns as a single column?