I was just wondering if there was a forum for newbies and novices such as myself. I used to do some programming as a hobby back in the 90's. I learned on GW Basic or more precisely, I taught myself and I wrote some pretty cool stuff including file manipulation programs but it seems Windows has just made everything so easy, there is little need for what I use to do.

I purchased the entire Visual Studio 6.0 and used it for a while. The only program I wrote and still use today is my point-n-click encryption program. I like to think that it is so custom that the CIA couldn't even crack it. The only down-side is that there are no back doors and if I forget a password, well, I might as well delete and forget that file ever existed.

Anyway, I hate that I have this great software and I'm not really using it to its full potential. So I was wondering if there was a forum that was dedicated to people like me who like to play as a hobby even though I have very limited time.

Just a thought, thanks.