i don't know if this is the place to ask this but is there a way to write a program that will increase the mobile phone's bluetooth's range for one second???
if not in java then is there something else...

thank you in advance :)

NO, this is hardware and supplied drivers dependent. JME is just a "tool" to manipulate data send/received through Bluetooth.

But i heard there is a way to increase the range of bluetooth dongle.
and maybe i'm stupid,but my logic says that if you can increase dongles range,u can increase the phones bluetooth range.

Your logic is OK, but does not apply to this case as Java is just a tool to manipulate/handle data. If you know C you may try to come up with your own drivers for device and then feed this data to Java for further processing

so it is posible with C?
or assembley is better?
and i know both but not perfectly (still learning)
and if it is possible,can you give some hints? :)
or should i open a thread in the C forum??

I guess C forum would be better place to ask. My C programming is long forgotten