Hi everyone,

I have a question about key events. In the key events they have some values called as follows:





I have seen the api and the explanation of what the above values represent
and still do not understand what they mean.

Is is possible for someone to explain these values to me in detail.

What do they mean by LOCATION_LEFT - Left of what?

What do they mean by LOCATION_RIGHT - right of what?

What do they mean by LOCATION_STANDARD - what standard are they talking about?

What do they mean by LOCATION_NUMPAD - are they talking about the num pad on the right of my keyboard?

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thank You

Yours Sincerely

Richard West

KEY_LOCATION_LEFT (and RIGHT) are only applicable if there's more than one key for the normal key event (VK_ ).
For example the Ctrl keys.
If you press the left Ctrl key, you will get VK_CONTROL and KEY_LOCATION_LEFT both to indicate you pressed the left Ctrl key.
If you press the right Alt key, you get VK_ALT and KEY_LOCATION_RIGHT.

If you press the - key on your numeric keypad you get VK_MINUS and KEY_LOCATION_NUMPAD, if you press - on the main keyboard you get VK_MINUS and (I think) KEY_LOCATION_STANDARD
STANDARD just means there's no special location to pass (so no RIGHT, LEFT, or NUMPAD). I'm not certain what happens if there's only 1 key for a given code, you'll either get STANDARD or UNKNOWN (as the definition of UNKNOWN talks about "not known or irrelevant").