hi guyZz...

Do you have any idea about the Pole Display...??? I have a project what's you called Point Of Sales System..... Then, I have a device/hardware that I want to connect it on my project... It is cash drawer, pole display and a card swipe...... any Idea how to code it to connect on my system......??? because I'm working on two days I have no any improvement or successful for this problem....

any site for the some learning, and suggestion for the idea how can I work it.....

suggestion and help is appreciated.....

tnkzz guyZz......

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any site for the some learning

You can learn here. But you need to list what types of hardware you have. There are several types of cash drawers: serial port connection, those that connect to a receipt printer, etc.

The Typical Card Swipe outputs ASCII Data and mimics a keyboard. You plug them into your USB or PS/2 connection. Some of the older USB models you have to write your own code to extract the data on the stripes. That is much more complicated. Stay away from those.

Pole Displays should come with their own driver and manual.

Until you supply model numbers and brands, it's difficult if not impossible to help you.


What brand is the EPOS equipment?

What base operating system are you using on the till?


Update - I've found some old code from my previous job (at Woolworths) for the EPoS system functionality - if its similar hardware, I might have a solution already :)

Let us know...

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