Hi to all!
First I wanna say thanks for taking time to read my thread. I just wanna ask something about the flexgrid in vb6. Cuz I have a form that have a textbox wherein I'll input the employee id. And then I have a button wherein when clicked, it will populate the flexgrid with the values from the ms access database (filtered with the employee id typed in the textbox). Would that be possible? I have slight knowledge regarding ADO, I just want to know how this works with flexgrid since it's my first time to use this function.

Thanks! Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

If you are using an ADO recordset to get the information from the database, you can put the data pretty much anywhere you like, so a flexgrid should work fine :)

If you're unsure about ADO and VB6, take a look at Comatose's sticky thread in the VB4/5/6 forum section - he has a good tutorial linked which will help with your ADO queries (if you have any) I'm sure :)