Have 2 Projects in my Properties Window. How do you

1) Have a Subroutine from Project1 Call a Subroutine in Project2. I get an "Object required" error message. Do not really have a need for this, just wonder if it can be accomplished.

2) Code in Project1 instantiates an object from a Class in Project2. I get "User-Defined Type not Defined". I downloaded some code that did this, and now that I am writing some code based on the download, I can not get it to work in the most simple of examples.
Dim oTest as Project2.Class1
Set oTest = New Project2.Class1

Unrelated questions

3) Can I set up my Search to default to "Visual Basic 6" or "VB6 Newbies" if I just want to search inside of these message groupings?