I have developed a windows database application in vb.net 2008 express and sql express 2008. Is there a way to create reports in the application?


Well you can't create reports in vb.net express edition. You need the Visual Studio 2008 to be able to create reports. The steps are as follow:
1.First you create a new form
2.From the toolbox under reporting you choose Microsoft Report Viewer and drag it on the screen.
3.You will notice a small arrow after having drwan the report. Click on this arrow and chose design new report.
4. Then you can choose what to add from your datasource.
5. Click next to proceed. The followings steps are quite easy.

Well i also heard that its possible to make reports using datasheet view i think in the express edition. You need to write some codes i think. But using Microsoft Report Viewer is much more easier and simple.

Hope this helps.

Since I don't have Visual Studio 2008 installed, I may not be able to use Report Viewer. So I prefer other options. Could you explain how to use datasheet view?