I'm doing an individual final year project using IBM Aglet, JRun and J2ME. The topic is "Mobile agent shopping system", better with some theories. I have no idea about what types of application should be done. Initially, I intended to build a system for the customers to search for the products in a shopping mall with data mining recommendation(e.g. association-Apriori), but my supervisor want me to give him a new idea because previous students has built similar application (but using classification in data mining).

My supervisor has another 3 students doing the same project, but one of them doing a restaurant reservation system, another one has many multimedia in his system. The last one - I don't know. It seems that my project has no "selling points". I don't want to think of a quite complicated one as my programming skills are not so good. But the big problem is the project is restricted to a shopping mall. There is not much can be done. The project will be handed in 2 months later. I'm afraid that I can't hand it in on time. Does anyone have any suggestion on the topic. I have thought of this many times, but my supervisor still does not satisfy with it.

Please help me!

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Hiya this is Brims i need an idea for a final year project computer science, nothing too hard time is running out. I want to use either php or asp with database cant seem to think of any applications can someone help please :cry:


Try out a web application for organizing personal information....

Congratz on your timely reply, since this thread was created I had time to finished my BSc and also finished my MSc. So I guess nitrate has at least 3-4 years of industry experiences and have no need for your suggestion.


i am final year softwear engg student .i want advance project topic

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