Hi everyone,

Here I will keep you updated on my first java project that I do, excepting the school projects.

The main Idea is to make a new window where calculations are done by multiple inputs and outputs. At school I already learned to make windows, fields and buttons, but now It's doing some simple maths such as percentage, division and multiplication.

Second I would like to implement different data (different currency (Eur,Usd,Gbp) and pairs(EurChf,EurGbp GbpChf and UsdCad), and then all options possible,

from this tool, could that be possible or is it better to manually put in?

I'm starting now and I will keep you updated and post any problems if they occur and I hope you guys can help me with that :)



How do you plan on using that tool? Looks like more trouble than it's worth. If you have the skill to do this, then by all means. Otherwise code it up yourself. Keep in mind that exchange rates frequently change, so you should not just hard code the current exchange rates into your program. Instead, use a file or some way to easily store the exchange rates that they can be changed without recoding and recompiling your program.

Yes some config file or such to enter in the base rates or better is like reading an excel sheet which could be likely downloaded from some other source so that the user doesn't always have to keep changing the values manually, or even better would be the approach of screen scraping the site you have referred to so that you could extract all the currency values once in a while and then have them used in your calculations. Here you could have a config value of say how frequently to read in the site.

I do not know your familiarity with Java, so whichever way you think to be the best suited for you, could be taken up. It's your call.

Note: The credit for the idea of screen scraping goes to s.o.s who convinced me that it was still a good idea for some school/college projects which could not afford the cost of communicating with the site through an API. :)