OK so I have created by VB application
I have created my setup files.
I have zipped them up with winrar, selecting .Zip as the format.
I have put the zipped up file on my ISP, and I have a web page with a button linking to the zipped up file. So here goes, I push the button.
A box opens asking whether I would like to open or save, I select open.
The zipped up file downloaded fine, but then I have to unzip it and run the setup program myself to install the program. This last bit I want to happen automatically on download...how do I do this?

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Ok, so now I have managed to get by zipped files to unzip automatically after they arrive (apart from a small problem of them being unzipped all over the desktop)..but I still do not know how to get my setup program to run automatically.


Hi Thanks
I did manage, as I said, to get the unzipping to work automatically, but I am still not aware of how to get the setup program to run automatically after that.


See winzip functionality documentation

Good luck

Have done, problem solved, thanks

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