I have a class holding a pointer to a templated class:
class A
Feature<Base>* m_p_feature;

now I want to derive A with some derivative of Base:
class B : public A
m_p_feature = new Feature<Derived>();

where Derived is Derived from Base

C++ won't allow this. Why?

C++ won't allow this. Why?

Well, if you have touched upon the subject of templates in C++, then you must know that C++ templates are type-specific. This means that once you have declared a pointer(well frankly, any instantiation) to a templated class, using a certain <class> or <typename>, you will have to stick to it, no matter what. This is because C++ templates were designed to be type-safe.

So, you will have to change the constructor statement in your derived class, ClassB to m_p_feature = new Feature<Base>();. If you would like to have the templated class of type <Derived>, then you would have to make another instantiation of the templated class with this template parameter. Many programmers find this strict type-specific behaviour of templates to be annoying, as it can lead to code-bloating.

Hope this helped!

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First of all let me simplify your code (and remove unnesasarily added inheritence):
So now, have a look at the snippet below


template<typename T>
class tc{};//a template class

class Base{};//a base class
class Derived : public Base { void der_fct(); /* ... */ };//a derived class
int main()
tc<Base>* ptc;//pointer ptc is pointer to tc<Base>
ptc= new tc<Derived>;//error

Base* pb;//pointer to Base
pb=new Derived;//Okay

Hence, you discovered that you can assign the address of a Derived object to pointer to the Base object. But you cannot assing the address of a tc<Derived> object to the pointer to the tc<Base> .
This is perfectly desirable.
Realize that "Derived is a child class of Base but tc<Derived> is not the child class of tc<Base> ."
Repeat the last quoted sentence 10 times.

Hope the above helped.

Similarly, for your code, realize that " Feature<Base> is not a base class for Feature<Derived> although Base is a base class of Derived> "