I am reasonably new to C# and Visual Studio, so any help with this problem will be much appreciated!

At the moment I have a C# Windows Application which runs various vb scripts which are included within the project. This works without any problems, however, I would like the scripts to be embedded into the .exe file that is produced when the project is compiled. This will mean that when i move and run the exe file I wont need to move all the scripts along with it.

Firstly, is this actually possible? Is there an easy way to do this? I noticed that there is a "build action" that can be changed to "Embedded resource" - I though would have fixed me problem, however, as far as I can see, this has made no difference!

Thanks in advance,

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Thanks for getting back to me Serkan. I will have a look over this example and give it a go :)

thanks again


you can embed them as resources by right clicking the properties under solution explorer, under your project. then double click the resources, then add existing item. i attached an example project.

I had a look at your code and it looks very helpful. I cannot, however, open the solution as it has been created with a newer version of Visual Studio :( would you happen to have a copy of this project which will work with Visual Studio 2003?

Many thanks


unfortunately i dont have visual studio 2003 installed on my computer. you can however, download c# 2005 express edition for free from microsoft.com.

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