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can anyone show me the diffrence ? im still confuse i read about vb and net at wikipedia but i just dont understand vb.net and vb .


Here are few differences b/w VB and VB.Net..
- VB.NET is completely supported for OOP.
#1) VB6 does not support inheritance but VB.NET does...
#2) VB6 supports interfaces mostly to support COM infrastructure, where as VB .NET fully supports interface-based programming...
#3) VB6 does not support polymorphism, where as VB .NET does..
#4) VB .NET utilizes the .NET framework,a huge set of different types of objects and classes one can use..
#4)VB6 does not allow developing the multi threaded applications but In VB.NET you can.
#5)VB6 was good for desktop windows application whereas VB.NET can develop web applications, distributed applications, create .NET windows and web controls and components, write windows and web services.
#6)Error Handling :
VB6 used ‘On Error Goto’ syntax to handle exceptions at runtime..
VB.NET uses the Try…Catch…Finally..
#7)Variant and Currency data types are not supported in VB.NET..
It uses "Object" instead of Variant..

these are only few main differences...

Consider this simple example in VB6:
Dim x,y as integer
'In this example VB6 will consider x as variant and y as integer,
'VB.NET corrects this problem, creats both x and y as integers.

[code language = "VB.NET"]


VB6 and VB.Net have some differences..
You can go here to look at some differences.. http://www.programmersheaven.com/2/FAQ-VBNET-VB6-VBNET-Differences..
A couple major differences I feel is the control array.. In VB6 it asks if you would like to create a control array while in VB.net it doesnt.. Also in vb6 they have the Left(text1.text, 3), but in vb.net they use the substring method. Text1.Substring(0, 4) (First four letters)..
VB.net has also some easy datagrid and database inserts.. I only have 1 semester of vb6 and i know a fair amount of Vb.net and vb6 (Im not a master though)..

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