Okay, I've been trying to figure this out forever. And I've been avoiding asking for the longest, but I want to make an app that can remember personal information and retrieve it.

I am used to mIRC's language where you can create, edit, and retrieve data from .txt files.

I basically want to use it for everything. To remember anything and place it on existing or (create) notepad's, placing data on lines of the notepad and retrieving by the line number.

I want to use notepad because I don't need it to be used online or in a SQL database.

Any suggestions would be great. I am completely lost in how to even take the first step in figuring this out.

I am used to mIRC's language where you can create, edit, and retrieve data from .txt files.

You mean mIRC's script editor, rigth?

You should be able to do that. There's only one small problem. .NET's text box control doesn't support line numbers. You could create a custom control, inherited from the text box control (or richtextbox control), which has a non-editable left margin for line numbers.

I bet someone has already already done that ;) Try googling.


Ah alright, I'll give it a try.
And I don't think I will be needing anything as advanced as a txtbox with accounted line numbers.
I'll probably just do it so that each textbox entered in the app writes to it's own line.
But if anyone has examples, I'd appreciate it. Because I can't wrap my head around from turning some of the syntax commands from mirc into .net.

try this...this code from MSDN
to read file... use this
Imports System
Imports System.IO

Class Test
Public Shared Sub Main()
' Create an instance of StreamReader to read from a file.
Dim sr As StreamReader = New StreamReader("c:\TestFile.txt")
Dim line As String
' Read and display the lines from the file until the end
' of the file is reached.
line = sr.ReadLine()
Loop Until line Is Nothing
Catch E As Exception
' Let the user know what went wrong.
Console.WriteLine("The file could not be read:")
End Try
End Sub
End Class

to write a file use this
Imports System.IO
Class Program

Shared Sub Main()

' Get the directores currently on the C drive.
Dim cDirs As DirectoryInfo() = New DirectoryInfo("c:\").GetDirectories()

' Write each directory name to a file.
Using sw As StreamWriter = New StreamWriter("CDriveDirs.txt")
For Each Dir As DirectoryInfo In cDirs
End Using

'Read and show each line from the file.
Dim line As String = ""
Using sr As StreamReader = New StreamReader("CDriveDirs.txt")
line = sr.ReadLine()
Loop Until line Is Nothing
End Using

End Sub

End Class

try to search MSDN with StreamReader and StreamWriter.
all the best.............

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