i want to see all the installed font name using for each loop.i have
written a code but it say object required.and it break at bold line.
kindly let me know any idiea?

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim f As Font
B]For Each f In Fonts[/B]
    MsgBox f.Name

Can't use a for each...

Dim I As Integer
For I = 0 To Printer.FontCount - 1
  Combo1.AddItem Printer.Fonts(I)
Next I

For I = 0 To Screen.FontCount - 1
  Combo2.AddItem Screen.Fonts(I)
Next I

I believe that screen.fonts will return more fonts (at least on my computer). Check the count on yours. Also, they do not come ordered so you should make sorted = true.

Good Luck