I've copied an entire project/solution to another folder so I could create a different version. I made some changes in the source code that is unrelated to the Windows user I/O stuff. I've done that before, but this time, it found errors in a...
form1.h instead of Form1.h
Where did that additional form1.h come from?
Oh and the errors are non-sense.

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walter clark>form1.h instead of Form1.h
File is compilation unit it is not a programming construct. Is Form1.h or form1.h included in your project?
PS: Check property of file (property windows).

As to the question, "Is Form1.h or form1.h included"...
Form1.h is the one created by Visual Studio (the one we add code to) and shows up on the left in the "solution" window. And yes it is included in the stub .cpp file that is the main project file.
Whereas "form1.h" (an exact copy of Form1.h) does not show up on the left.
The compilation error is nonesense. (uninitialized local variable, at a place in form1.h that doesn't have that variable.)
I am unable to check the property of this added file. There's no place to right click to bring up properties. But... now here's a clue... the error message includes the path to this form1.h and it is the path to the place I copied the whole project from. !!!


Whenever you see non-sense compiler errors (I mean really non-sense, like they point to a non-existant place) do a "clean" or for sure a "rebuild"
In fact any time you make a change in your program OUTSIDE the IDE, you should do a "re-build".

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