1. I am trying to print in the A4 size paper .
2. Dividing the A4 size paper into 2 half.
3. In this , 2 half its printing .
for ex:
in the first half : printing 01 rollno details
in the second half : printing 02 rollno details
4. details from sql server database
5. using recordset.
upto this level for me no problem .....

But i want to print simultaneously , at a time.03,04,05,,,,,,,,,,,,,rollnos(multiple A4 sheet paper-[in a single sheet 2 student details must be printed ])

please help me out................its very urgent

thanks in advance

.PaperSize = 9 (i used in my coding)
second time ............while executing.......i am facing an error
run time error : '396'
'paper size property ' cannot be set within a page

You will need to seperate the printer setup from the actual printing...

printer setup stuff
do while rs.eof = false
  printer.currentx = value
  printer.currenty = value

Good Luck