I was trying to install sql server 2008, and came across a problem. After testing the setup files, I got this result: passed 10; Failed 0 and Warning:1. The warning is for the windows Firewall image. Can someone please quickly tell me how to handle this an continue with my installation. Thanks.

Click next ... ? I don't understand how a warning is halting the installation.

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If I remember the documentation correctly the error I received when installing SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition with the Windows Firewall had to do with the default ports not being open. Once the installation is done make sure the firewall has the proper ports open for remote access to the SQL databases.

To piggy back on what sknake said, the warning message shouldn't throw a fatal installation error at any point. I had a few come up in my installation on a workstation and the installation and it is now functioning without a problem.

I finally did it. You both were right. Thanks for your reply

You're welcome.

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