I am using a data connection (i don't know what...) I just have a connection string in APP_CODE and some supporting codes to execute it. (That's not the question)

Well What is your recommended DB connection in ASP.NET,
Is the real world still using ADO?

is ADO for simple website (CMS) only?

Thanks for the replies in advance!!!!

BTW - ROUGHLY these are the codes in the APP_CODE

Dim scnnFS As New SqlConnection(SQL_CONNECTION_STRING)
Dim scmd As New SqlCommand(strSQL, scnnFS)
Dim sda As New SqlDataAdapter(scmd)
Dim ds As New DataSet()
Return ds

This is more of a VB.NET question than MSSQL, but yes that is the recommended way of connecting to SQL Server. What is the issue?

Really but I am using it ASP.NET?! :icon_cry:

The real question is ADO.NET is still been used in the real world, I am not a ADO.NET fan.