Hi, we all know that java has a very very very ugly
interface. Well the default one anyway. Is there any way to make it better. Like maybe this. If so how do you do this.
But freely


And does this mean when you make it into a jar file. Assuming the other person has java virtual machine it will look the same???

God bless

You know there's a UI manager, right? Programs on windows platform should have the windows L&F, and so on.

Where you get very, very, very ugly I don't know. Maybe it's just your design/layout/colors.

Wait, if you're using an older version of java, then that might be the reason. The newer 1.5 has a much nicer look and feel than older versions. So I guess I can see where you're coming from.

Ugly? Swing Metal is very nice indeed, and Swing has fully pluggable LAF so you can create your own if you want to.

How would you create your own look & feel?

Check out the documentation, there's books been written about it.

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