I'm trying to create a validation program which entails throwing everything in a csv file that i have into array and then looping through it and doing a comparison.

Here is some of my preexisting code which currently finds the name of a file that I want to do a comparison off by basically using a InStrRev function ...

Private Function getFileName(ByVal tProcessDir As String, ByVal tARZ FileName As String) As String

Dim tXSDName As String
        Dim tSingleLetterCheck As String
        Dim ii As Short
        Dim ii2 As Short

        tXSDName = tXSDFileName

        ii = InStrRev(tXSDName, "_") + 1
        tSingleLetterCheck = VB.LCase(Mid(tXSDName, ii))

        If Len(tSingleLetterCheck) = 1 Then
            ii2 = InStrRev(tXSDName, "_", ii - 2) - 1
            tXSDName = Mid(tXSDName, 1, ii2)
        End If

        ii = InStr(tXSDName, "_ARZ") - 1

        If ii <> -1 Then
            tXSDName = Mid(tXSDName, 1, ii)
        End If

        ii = InStr(tXSDName, "_HIST") - 1

        If ii <> -1 Then
            tXSDName = Mid(tXSDName, 1, ii)
        End If

        ii = InStrRev(tXSDName, "_")

        If Mid(tXSDName, ii) = "_TT" Then
            tXSDName = Mid(tXSDName, 1, ii - 1)
        End If

        Return tARZ
    End Function

What i would like to do is have this function store everything from my file_names.csv file into an array and just loop through the array to match the appropriate filename to the appropriate file. Hopefully that made sense. Any idea on how to go about this would be appreciated as I've never done anything like this before.

You need to provide more information of sample file names/data that you're wanting to parse. Its hard to work backwards from that code :)

Include more information and we'll see what we can do!