We are going to create a compiler like program where when we inputed character or multicharacter it will retrieve to the database the equivalent symbol of that character and place it to another textbox..

Example input: (1sttextbox)

Line1: main()
Line2: {

the output is: (2nd textbox)

Line1: WordSymbol, SpecialSymbol,ProgramParameter, OpenParenthesis, SpecialSymbol,ProgramParameter, CloseParenthesis
Line2: SpecialSymbol,ProgramParameter,OpenCurlyBracket

Note: WordSymbol - all keywords and Reserved Words.
          SpecialSymbols - operators and delimeters

Please do help me for the codes... We are begginer in VB.Net so we are not so familiar for the codes..

I didn't get you, however following are options:
1. Handles KeyDown,KeyPress events.
2. Use SendKeys.Send Method.
3. Use string indexer.

your question must be a little more specific.
hope u hav created a database.
when the user enters the text match it with the contents of the database and if a possible match is found display it in textbox2.
i dnt think this is of much help. but hope it atleast helps you to take the first step

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