Hello, first post here.

I am beginning with c# and I am writing a media player using the Irrklang audio engine. All is going well there.

I am now looking to improve the interface and would like to change the sliders from basic Windows Forms style into dials and knobs that resemble those found on a HiFi amplifier.

Would I need to write my own code to control animation of images or can I just change the look of the slider?

Thanks for any advice in advance.

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If the controls are not available from the Tools tab in the IDE, then they are not installed and you would have to:

1) find custom controls already written and available for free: Custom Slider Controls, or
2) buy a third-party toolkit containing custom controls, or
3) write/create them yourself

I would suggest pursuing option #1 to start because there are many contributions available; checking out option #2 just to see what is being marketed; then proceeding to #3 if necessary or that suits you.

Please mark this as solved if your question is answered--thanks.:)


Thanks for the reply. A custom control was my first choice also but I have only found commercial ones so far. There seem to be many sliders out there but not so many rotating controls.

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