A New Social Media? Instantaneous Messaging

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I've just come up with something better than Twitter, Facebook, Email, HelloTxt or any of the other so-called social media messaging systems. I call it Instantaneous Messaging. Don't confuse my Instantaneous Messaging with the lamer, last century version called, "Instant Messaging." Instantaneous Messaging is better than Instant Messaging or any other messaging format that's currently available. And, you have me to thank for it. Allow me to describe how this cross-platform idea works.

Instantaneous Messaging employs a simple daemon or stay resident program that you setup with a user name, password and a series of social media outlets that you define in its simple configuration file. Once configured, the program goes to work "watching" your every move on your computer. Which programs you have open, what kind of files you're working on, where you're surfing to and even who you're emailing. All instantaneously as you work. And, it all happens without your intervention.

Sound awesome?

It is.

Unfortunately, it doesn't exist. Yet. I just thought it up a few minutes before writing this post about it.

But, just think about it. A program that watches everything you do and reports on it automatically, without any intervention or chatting or logging into some dopey website to post your innermost thoughts. Everything you do is posted in real time as you work, email, type or surf. And, no this isn't spyware because you configure what you're allowing the program to spy on.

It's almost as good as starring in your own Twitterized reality show.

Everything you want to know about me in 140 characters or less.

What could be better than that?

Well, I'll tell you what's better. You can watch your friend's instantaneous updates too as a scrolling "ticker" at the bottom of your screen to see what they're up to--all in real time. Cool? Yes.

Now, if someone could collaborate with me to make this little dream of mine a reality, that would be great.

Instantaneous Messaging really brings Social Media to a whole new level in that it's interactive without the interactivity.

What do you think of my Instantaneous Messaging idea? Are your programming skills good enough to make this dream a reality? If so, send me a Private Message (primitive by comparison, I know), introduce yourself and let's get started on it.

Oh, by the way, you're welcome.

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There's already something out there, it doesn't let you configure it and it only reports your actions to certain people: windows.

But in all seriouness, alright, let's integrate it into Bibud if you so wish.

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I understand your enthusiasm but IMO it won't really work that good as you may like.
1. 80% (or more) are conservative in the IT world. 'Cause it's not so transparent.
2. They will not have trust. Ex: I tried to convince my gf on accessing her computer(to fix errors) via vnp and she just would not let me because she doesn't have trust in the software.

So having a program that spies on you sounds risky for a vast majority of computer users.
I heard somewhere on the news that there is a program that reports on which sites you accessed so that your friends could see it. So you're idea is not too new.
Sorry if i discouraged you somehow. ;)

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I loved your introduction. Fabulous. I can see such technology being adopted by the younger generation where they were not exposed to privacy concerns like older generations. I personally would not have opted because I dont want my every move to be reported.

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