Hello all, I created a crystal report which works perfect local but in production work partial, it means that there are 3 specific values that the report does no retrieve, is there any particular reason why this happen?.


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Hi. Did you figure this problem out yet? I could simply give you a short and precise answer to your question--Yes (LOL), but you probably want to know what the reason is too, right?

Can you attach the report file and list what the "3 specific values" are?


The fields are DefectType, RootType in the Page Header C section and also the details section complete thanks


When I opened this report, I got some sort of wizard or installer telling me it was created in a new version of Crystal. Anyway, I'm not very familiar with this Crystal built into the VS IDE and it's been years since I've viewed a report in the Crystal Designer, which was a separate product then, but I noticed something when using the Select Expert on the DefectType field. The selection formula reads:

{tbl_Main_NCR.NCR_NUMBER} = {?NcrNumber}

but, shouldn't it somehow show a tie to the DEFECT_CODE for that record? I don't know proper formula syntax, but I hope I will convey what I mean in this snippet:

{tbl_Main_NCR.NCR_NUMBER} = {?NcrNumber} && {tbl_Main_NCR.DEFECT_CODE} = {EW_DEFECT_CODE.DefectCode}

Sorry if I'm way off base here. I tried to find some visual linking expert so I could visual examine the linked tables to verify that there was indeed a link on the DefectCode, but couldn't find that option in my IDE.


thanks for you reply actually i fixed it, I just create a command statement with my query and i map my fields with the old ones and its working now, i guess the fact that i was working with two different datasource was the problem thanks anyway.

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